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A wellness mission 
with a holistic vision

Carolyn Donchi, Founder & Manager


While I have heard so many happy, wonderful and memorable stories, been given advice, shown photos, sent postcards and given gifts from people across our area, the last few years have been somewhat different . . .

I have been lucky enough to meet a very diverse range of people. What I have learned from working with and on Humans for the past 15 years as a Bowen Therapist, is that our bodies really do talk. Nervous systems are in overdrive, muscles are tense, energy levels are depleted, thought patterns are somewhat negative, stress levels, anxiety, mental health, burnout, along with emotions are at an all time high, chronic pain and illness are at crisis levels and this includes our children.


My passion behind The Centre, while I love my career and enjoy helping people, now more than ever I have a driving desire to help people help themselves. While I know that I cannot haul everyone out of life’s trenches, I can help them learn to reinvest in their health and life, reflect on themselves, prioritize their time, happiness and wellbeing, find self worth and resilience and be motivated to make positive changes, step back for a moment, pause, reconnect & breathe.


I’m extremely excited to introduce The Centre, “A Holistic Vision with a wellness Mission”, created with people as the passion and designed to bring change to our region in the health and wellness space.

As The Centre evolves and grows, it will become a welcoming trusted place to enable each and every one of us to build connections, educate and teach, show skills, participate, practice the mind body connection through, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Mindfulness.


The Centre Combined Health: helping people find their true potential.

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