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Bowen Therapy & Cupping

Carolyn Donchi


Carolyn has been practising Bowen Therapy for 15 years. Bowen is a holistic remedial body therapy, a cross fibre muscle technique that works on the connective tissue (fascia) of the body, focusing on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, along with the skin around them, complemented by a combination of trigger point therapy and myofascial cupping.

The idea is to reduce pain by stimulating the nervous system. The whole body is treated to provide lasting results in the treatment and management of musculoskeletal or related neurological problems including:

sports injuries

  • soft tissue complaints

  • acute and chronic pain from stress and tension

  • misalignment of muscles ligaments and tendons

  • headaches and migraines

  • back pain & sciatica

  • bad posture

  • neck and shoulder pain and stiffness

  • TMJ dysfunction issues

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