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Elevate Your Recovery: Experience the Advanced Healing Power of Normatec Compression Boots

A woman in combression boots.
Normatec uses patent PULSE Massage Pattern

At The Centre Combined Health in Bairnsdale, we are proud to introduce the latest addition to our recovery tools: Normatec Compression Boots. Positioned in our dedicated Normatec Compression Recovery room, these state-of-the-art boots use Hyperice's patented pulse technology to redefine what recovery can look like for you.

What is Normatec Compression?

Normatec compression is a form of therapy that uses compressed air to massage your legs, glutes, and lower back. More than just a simple squeeze, this system provides a dynamic compression that’s akin to a deep-tissue massage, promoting relaxation and significant blood flow improvements. Originally developed as a medical device to prevent blood clots in chemotherapy patients, Normatec has since been embraced by the athletic community and beyond for its effectiveness in speeding up recovery times and boosting circulation. This technology, designed by a physician bioengineer, not only increases blood circulation but also helps in reducing muscle soreness and improving overall athletic performance.

How It Feels and Works

Using Normatec feels like having a sophisticated blood pressure cuff that wraps around your lower body. The session starts at the ankles and gradually works its way up, offering a deep, soothing pressure that enhances blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Post-session, users often report a sensation of lightness and invigoration in their legs.

The boots operate using a PULSE Massage Pattern, which incorporates three key techniques:

  • Pulsing: This technique mimics the natural muscle pumps of the body, enhancing the movement of fluids.

  • Gradients: Ensuring maximum pressure and enhancing fluid flow in the correct direction, preventing backflow.

  • Distal release: Optimises each segment of the limb's recovery time, ensuring no area is under pressure too long to obstruct circulation.

Clinical Backing and Benefits

Research underscores the efficacy of Normatec compression, highlighting its ability to:

  • Reduce sensitivity to pain and muscle soreness.

  • Accelerate recovery by enhancing blood flow and reducing blood lactate levels.

  • Decrease muscle fatigue and oxidative stress after intense physical activities.

  • Improve flexibility and range of motion quickly and comfortably.

Normatec isn’t just for athletes; it’s a versatile recovery method beneficial for anyone engaging in rigorous physical activity, experiencing long periods of standing or sitting, or suffering from poor circulation and fluid buildup in the legs.

Who Should Use Normatec Boots?

With minimal contraindications, almost anyone can benefit from Normatec Compression Boots. They are particularly useful for:

  • Athletes preparing for or recovering from training and competitions.

  • Individuals seeking quicker recovery post-gym or high-intensity workouts.

  • Those who have undergone substantial leg exertion.

  • Office workers or pregnant women dealing with leg circulation issues.

Our Normatec Compression Boots are here to revolutionise how you recover and enhance your body's ability to perform and heal. Visit us at The Centre Combined Health to experience the transformative effects of Normatec Compression Boots firsthand and take your recovery to the next level.


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